Body Healer Salve + Comfrey & Marsh Mallow Root

Comfrey & Marsh Mallow root infused Apricot +  Grape Seed Oil Salve

This herbal salve is excellent at minimizing pain associated with dry and sensitive skin, aching due to sprains, pulled muscles and/or broken bones. Assists in alleviating stinging sensation from burns and insect bites, is especially beneficial for pain-relieving self-massage of hardworking hands and feet, pinched shoulders, and cramped wrists, calves, knees and elbows. This salve is suitable for all skin types.

It will take a few hours to prepare, so it’s best to set aside some time to start and finish this herbal project.


  • 2oz of comfrey root 
  • 2oz of marsh mallow root
  • 8oz (about 1 cup) of apricot oil 
  • 8oz (about 1 cup) of grape seed oil 
  • 6oz of unadulterated beeswax 
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin E oil
  • 20 drops of tea tree oil
  • 20 drops of peppermint oil
  • 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract
  • Salve tins 1/2oz or 1oz will work


  • I recommend weighing out your ingredients if a scale is available to you. If using a dish on the scale to hold ingredients, be sure to include the tare weight in your calculations. This simply means that an empty dish will still weigh something and you’ll want to subtract its weight from the gross weight. Place the empty container on the scale and zero it out (usually there is a dial on the back of the scale to do this). Once zeroed out, add your ingredients for an accurate weight calculation according to the recipe you’re following.
  • In a double boiler, add apricot & grape seed oil and begin to warm. Add in comfrey and marsh mallow root to begin a gentle heat infusion of the oil & herbs for about 2 hours. It’s a good indicator the oil is ready if someone comes in and lets you know how amazing it smells… so about 1-2 hours.
  • When done, strain the herbal oil through a cheesecloth, removing all of the plant matter. Set this oil aside for the moment.
  • Back to the double boiler, melt the beeswax down. Small beeswax pellets/pastilles will melt quickly, but a large brick of beeswax doesn’t really take that long. You could save yourself the labor intensive grating of the beeswax brick by simply melting down for about 25 minutes (plus this also makes your house smell divine). Once completely melted, add the herbal infused oil back into the double boiler with the beeswax. This oil will likely be cooler, at room temperature than the beeswax. When you pour it into the beeswax it will create herbal oil/beeswax chunks. This is totally normal. The heat of the double boiler will melt it all down once again, to a thick and smooth oily texture.
  • Remove interior bowl containing oil and wax liquid, and set it on the counter. Quickly add in vitamin e, tea tree and peppermint oils. Gently stir 2-3 times (you don’t want to cool it down too much.)
  • Have the bottom half of your salve tins lined up on a surface that your okay with possibly getting salve mix splashed on it. I prefer a glass Pyrex casserole dish. It’s easy to clean and with the elevated sides, it keeps the tins from sliding around.
  • Holding a bottle/jar funnel that has a long handle and narrow spout in one hand, and the melted salve filled bowl with your dominant hand, carefully pour mix through funnel into each tin one-by-one. Pour slowly! They fill fast!
  • It’s better to pour too little in and go back to add more (until you get the hang of it) than over pouring and making a bigger mess for clean-up. 
  • Let cool for 3-5 minutes, then cap quickly after. You may opt to garnish with a rose petal (as I have with this batch) or some type of botanical such as lavender flowers, rosemary, calendula petals or just leave a smooth surface. Be creative and follow your intuition at this point!
  • This salve can keep up to 2 years, but you’ll probable use it up before then. 

YEILDS: 2 dozen, 1oz screw top salve tins

PREP TIME: about 30 minutes

COOK TIME: 2-3 hours

*Always consult with your health care practitioner before using herbal products. It is recommended by herbalists that you apply herbal based products on a small area of your skin to test for a reaction before using all over.

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