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Upcoming Events Calendar 2019

Mercy Corps Holiday Vendors Market ~ 12/7/19
Special Collaboration Release Date ~ Suprise Project! 11/22/19
Tacoma Night Market ~ 11/16/19
The Society Hotel ~ Makers Fair 11/9/19

“As Night Is Ending, Please Awake.”
Chaos Gallery Exhibit Featuring Artist, Kelsey Crawford
Opening Night 9/05/19
Exhibit open to the public 9/10/19
Exhibit open to the public ~ pop-up botanical print shop & pop-up flower market 9/17/19
Exhibit open to the public ~ pop-up botanical print shop & Amma Therapy Collective 9/20/19
Exhibit open to the public ~ pop-up botanical print shop & Breath and Stars Astrology 9/23/19


Tacoma Night Market Vendor! Come Say Hi!  9/21/19

Ravens Wing Magical Company ~ Limited Run Print Show ~ Opening Night Recpetion 10/12/19


Market Place Vendor ~ Mercy Corps ~ Salem Oregon 10/29/19










Rediscover eating with all of your senses! Each of us has an intimate relationship with food that is both complex and deep. In today’s world, creating meals based on what we’ve been advised is “healthy” or simply because we’re in a hurry tends to be the focus. What if instead, we returned to our senses by creating meals that nourished and inspired us through sensory awareness? What if we brought our creativity and intuition into the mix? If this is something you’ve always wanted to explore, then join us to help bring more joy to your table!

Open to all, the goal behind The Joyful Table workshop is to advocate on behalf of our creativity and intuition as playing equally important functions in our wholistic health. By blending creativity with mind/body wisdom to reveal a more satisfying connection with nourishing ourselves.

The Joyful Table creators, Kelsey Crawford, CN, Artist & traveler and Co-creator, Barb Burwell, BFA, CHN, conceptualized this subject out of a mutual desire to highlight creativity in daily nourishment. Joined in the second half of the day by photographer, Ali Gradischer sharing her trade secrets in food photography, the Joyful Table will be a day of adventure, exploring nutrition through a creative lens designed to tap into food memories, curiosities and current culinary inspirations. This class is about creativity, laughter, connection and inspiration!

We will:

  • Explore categories of: elements, seasons, availability and celebration in a lecture and group conversation.
  • Participate in a variety of creative and cerebral nutrition exercises designed by Kelsey & Barb.
  • Enjoy a documentary style presentation of sensory, culinary film and photography.
  • Learn the basics of menu planning and creating a balanced plate that will be the blank canvass for all your future foodie endeavors.
  • Enjoy a variety of refreshing, fragrant herbal tonics prepared by Kelsey
  • Try your hand at food photography, with accomplished photographer & instructor, Ali Gradischer, to close out this entertaining and informative day!
  • Leave with an iBook detailing the joyful table exercises, inspired menu examples, recipes, photos, resources and a refreshing approach to creative expression, nourishment and self-love!

Feed your journey! How does creatively nourishing yourself and those around you play a role in your happiness? Imagine the new places and ideas it has the potential to transport you to!

This class takes place on: 08/19/2018

From: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Instructors: Kelsey Crawford & Barb Burwell

Cost: $125

For Class Registration – Visit the Wellspring School HERE

 original artwork by Kelsey Crawford


Bumble Summer Experience & Learn!


This FREE community event is conceptualized by Kelsey Crawford under the umbrella of her business – Go Forth Culture, and has been made possible by the generosity of The Wellspring School for Healing Arts for providing a beautiful space to host. Kelsey graduated from The Wellspring School for Healing Arts, Wholistic Nutrition Program in September, 2016. Her deep dive into the many roles human beings play in support of (or against) a sustainable food future, was her initial inspiration for a desire to work harder than ever before to help foster her community towards a brighter future.

Bumble is an event about sharing a mutual mindfulness, and calling attention to all of the great wellness practitioners and teachers in our community, a sense of stewardship for the natural landscape in and around our city, as well as a respect and celebration of Portland’s cultural landscape, and a grassroots promotion of small & local businesses.


This August is: Bumble Summer Experience & Learn. This will be the second Bumble event taking place this year! Our plan is to host this event with each season, Spring, Summer, Fall &  Winter. With each Bumble event we like to invite new participants/vendors to help raise awareness and donations for a new organization/non-profit doing great work for the betterment of our shared community. This is also an opportunity to give those vendors a platform to promote what they do without the exorbitant vendor fees that are typical with community, market style events, which inevitably excludes so many great small & start up businesses and crafters.

A job that can’t be done alone… 

One of the the successful components to Bumble so far has been the fundraising. Together, we raised awareness and donations for non-profit, The Xerces Society, this past spring. Our first Bumble event raised nearly $500 in donations and introduced the community to the Xerces Society’s conservation efforts on a local, Northwest scale. Bumble introduced several independent, small businesses here in Portland to their greater community as well. This season, Bumble will be focused on raising awareness & funds for Mudbone Grown, a Black-owned farm enterprise that promotes inter-generational community based farming. I had the honor of visiting Mudbone Grown’s farm in collaboration with the Oregon Food Bank where I learned more about the dedicated work they’re doing through farming programs and CSA’s in support of BIPOC farmers in the PNW. I encourage you to checkout the wonderful, local community efforts of both the Xerces Society & Mudbone Grown!

Bumble’s Next Theme:

The original inspiration remains, and we’d like to build on that enthusiasm! This time we’d like to make Bumble’s theme an experiential event and we are featuring local makers and sustainable care practitioners who teach. There are so many incredible folks in Portland and greater Oregon sharing their craft in a community class format right now, and we think it’d be great to bring these teachers together to highlight the wonderful work they do, as well as provide them with a public platform to introduce themselves to you! Vendors will have tables set up, selling their products and advertising the community classes they provide, as well as give you the full experience, first-hand, with mini-demos of what they teach/offer for you to try!

So join us for what is sure to be a fascinating & fun event! Shop the vendors tables, learn about the specialty classes they offer, whether it’s dying your own fabrics with natural inks, making your own self-care products, or learning the art of garden terrariums, come and expand your knowledge!


Bumble Summer Experience & Learn will take place Friday, August 18th from 3-8 PM at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts.


And Don’t Forget:

100% of donations raised during Bumble will go to a new organization each time around! Stay tuned for more exciting Bumble details to come (including Summer Bumble’s donation recipients), and don’t forget to add us to your event calendar!


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Bumble Spring Emporium & Plant Sale